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The First Weekend at Boston Christmas Trees

November 26, 2012

Hello everyone! It was quite a busy weekend. Two trailers full of trees arrived on Saturday morning, and one more came in on Sunday. Despite Thanksgiving falling so early this year, the tree lot was still packed with customers. We are very happy to say that we have already raised over $150 for Christmas in the City, a volunteer-run charity that provides Christmas presents for homeless children in Boston.

On the left is our longtime customer Ramin from Arlington, who was assigned the duty of finding the perfect tree by his mother and grandmother. Without being sure of his ceiling’s height, we resorted to the “Okay, if you reach your hand up, can you touch the ceiling?” technique. Ramin later reported (something he is used to doing, as an employee of the Boston Herald) that the tree was a perfect fit, with its tip reaching about one inch from the ceiling. It has also been reported that mom and grandma were happy with his selection.

We had to get innovative with one customer on Saturday, who came with only her bike. After some MacGyver-esque twine tying by David Baker, the tree was strapped securely onto the two-wheeler, and another happy customer was off with her tree.

There were customers from all over the city in our first weekend. On the left is a family from Brookline who came in on sunny Saturday to get their Christmas tree.

The Allston family below also made a fine selection, but not before the little guys gave their seal of approval. We will be open seven days a week from now through Christmas Eve. We hope to see you at Boston Christmas Trees soon! Remember, as long as you keep your tree watered, you can buy it as early as you would like!

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